The Science Of REAL Hoverboards

Hank gives it to you straight about “anti-gravity technology” — basically, it doesn’t exist. But if you really want to hover, you have options!

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Programming in PostScript - Computerphile

PostScript is more than just a 2D graphics language, it’s a fully operational programming language - Professor Brailsford explains how it works.

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Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

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Is This the Future of Alternative Wind Energy?

The makers of Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) think they’ve got the next step in alternative wind energy, without the large grounded turbines. The BAT is a high-altitude mobile wind-powered generator, that’s able to convert the more powerful wind currents into a substantial amount of electricity. It can also hoist cellular transmitters and meteroological equipment.

It sounds great, but the BAT isn’t perfect…right? Kim Horcher, Tim Frisch, and Christina Ochoa (Scirens, Chaotic Awesome) discuss!

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How Much Can Data Improve Your Health?

You may have heard of the Jawbone, Fitbit, Nike Fuelband or one of the myriad of other wearable self-tracking gadgets. Heck, you might even be wearing one right now! These gadgets help track everything from hours slept, calories consumed, to number of steps taken in a given day. But can they actually make you healthy??? Sure they provide us with tons of data about our bodies, but what do we DO with all that information?! Is it just about the knowing? Or does this actually motivate us to change and enhance our behavior? And if it does, can that be a bad thing? Watch the episode and find out!

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Cat Bombs and Other Terrible Weapon Ideas

War is a very dark and awful time in this world. Sometimes though, it helps to sit back and laugh at some of the dumb weapons that were actually invented and used in warfare. Trace and Anthony break down a few of the weirdest weapons that have been created in the history of war.

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How Does Tape Work?

Ever wonder what makes tape sticky? Hank will tell you in this episode of Quick Questions!

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Inside the Apollo Lunar Module

Most pictures of the Apollo lunar module show the full, spidery spacecraft from the outside. Some of the best pictures are of it sitting on the surface of the Moon, accidentally but somehow artfully lit by the sunlight reflected off the lunar surface with a space-suited astronaut climbing down the ladder or standing stiffly yet triumphantly by its side. Pictures showing the inside never really give a sense of how big it is. Pictures taken inside simulators using a fisheye lens distort the internal dimensions, pictures of astronauts after surface EVAs focus on the man and not the machine, and pictures of recreated LMs in museums don’t show what it was like filled with gear and manuals.

For more on this Lunar Module image, check out the article on Vintage Space:

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Microscope: The Tube That Changed the World

Humans have long known that glass bends light. However, it took us awhile to figure out that stacking lenses in a tube would open up a whole new world to science, finally allowing us a peek at the microscopic.


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The Tweeting Vending Machine Hack - Computerphile

The vending machine that Tweets when you buy a Twix - Nottingham Hackspace members have improved this eBay purchase with an Arduino… James explains just what it does and why.

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Exosuit Pushes Limits of Undersea Exploration

With jet thrusters and an aluminum alloy casing, the Exosuit is a submarine you can wear. Later this year, scientists will suit up and plunge 300 meters below the ocean surface to study bioluminescent organisms. Diving safety officer Michael Lombardi of the American Museum of Natural History explains how the Exosuit extends the time a diver can stay submerged at 30 times the surface pressure.

More to explore:
Iron Man-like Exosuit to Expand Ocean Exploration

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Space Weather Affects Power

When space weather is active, it can impact the Earth’s magnetic field. That can lead to issues with the power grid.


Domino Addition - Numberphile

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Matt’s Big Domino Computer:
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Dominoes Computer (extra footage) - Numberphile

See computer circuits made from dominoes - this is pretty cool.

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Cyborg drummer creates unique beats

A human musician will take to the stage wearing a robotic arm that lets him play like never before.

Full story here:

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Animated GIFs and Space vs Time - Computerphile

Whether its the Darwin Award nominees or simply another crazy cat, animated GIFs have a lot to answer for. They’re also a perfect example of one of Computer Science’s fundamental principles - Tom Scott explains.

More from Tom Scott: and

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.
Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran’s Numberphile.

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Speak Every Language with Real-Time Translation!

From the printing press to the smartphone, mankind has made numerous revolutions in communication. Is real-time translation the next step? Our smartphones are already capable of running augmented reality apps like Word Lens, so what is the future of this real-time translation technology? And could these applications save languages from going extinct?

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