Virtual Skeptics №83 - April 9, 2014

This week on the Virtual Skeptics
Bob is highly energetic;
Eve shills for Big Viking;
Barb–hey, it’s Barb Drescher!
and Tim is talking computer security.

Duration: 1;07:22

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Five Stupid Things About the Old Testament

Do you love genocide, misogyny, and compulsory worship of a brutal and capricious god? Then this is the book for you!

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"How do we know what is true?" Narrated by Stephen Fry - That’s Humanism!

A short Humanist animation about how we learn what’s true through the use of evidence and science.

Written & produced by the British Humanist Association in conjunction with SkeptiSketch, and narrated by Stephen Fry.
Contributing artists: Mel Tubbs (Stephen Fry likeness), Alex Gregory (Cavemen), Dawn Darko - Dragoart (God, Demon)
Thank you to Alom Shaha, Amy Macmillan, Craig Duncan, Andrew Copson, and Sara Passmore
That’s Humanism logo design by Nick Cousins |

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Virtual Skeptics №82

This week on the Virtual Skeptics
Bob has chosen his story……wisely ;
Eve advises you to put on your tin foil hat;
and Tim has breaking news about nothing.

Duration: 1:07:20

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Envisioning the Future of Ethical Culture

Elizabeth Collier, an AEU fellow, discusses ways to continue the relevance of the NY Society for Ethical Culture to the community, the movement and the world.

Duration: 40:55

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Filipino Freethinkers Podcast 32: Flesh-Eating Disease in the Philippines?

We talk about the story propagated by ABS-CBN’s Bandila program regarding a supposed mysterious flesh-eating disease engulfing Pangasinan.

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Reason, Prejudice and the case for LGBT rights

Perspectives from natural and social sciences and the humanities. Thinkfest 2014 was organised by Nirmukta Chennai Freethinkers and Orinam on 23rd Feb 2014. Panel discussion by Prof.Kalpana Karunakaran, Dr.L.Ramakrishnan, Ravichandran R, Poongulali.B and Shambavi.

25:33 “The University of Chicago” should be Northeastern University
25:55 Dr. Simon LeVay is a neurobiologist not neuropsychiatrist
26:25 Dr. Dean Hamer’s pedigree analysis suggested X-linked inheritance, not maternal inheritance

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Phil Plait (The Bad Astronomer) Receives the NCAS Philip J. Klass Award 2013

The 2013 Philip J. Klass Award for outstanding contributions in promoting critical thinking and scientific understanding was presented to Phil Plait, Ph.D. by the National Capital Area Skeptics. The award was presented by astronomer David E. Kaufmann, Ph.D. to Phil in Boulder, Colorado. Among his many skeptical activities, Phil runs the website

Learn more about the National Capital Area Skeptics at

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Church: Feminism, Disability & Veganism w/ Sarah Moglia!

Today’s Church with Sarah Moglia! ALL THE CONTROVERSY!

Follow and find her at:

Discussion Topics:
Transgender Priest fired:
Punishing Survivors:
Disability Blog on Skepchick - Writers Needed:

Duration: 01:02:06

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World of Batshit - №1: Sky Demons

Part one in a series examining some of the most ridiculous claims. In this part, we look at a channel claiming that aircraft are holographic “sky demons” signifying “end times”, and discuss how easy it is to be an end times fraud.

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Sceptici în România - Episodul 87 - Molecula de Urania

Pericolele lipsei de scepticism

Copil bolnav de rahitism nu a fost dus la medic

Fată omorâtă sub pretextul exorcizării

Educație/informare științifică

Detectoarele false de bombe discutate in episodul 13 se intorc

Reclama la medicamente e reglementata, dar suplimentele nu.

Să cântăm ca să nu sforăim

Dubioșenia săptămânii

Băuturile fără zahăr nu te-ngrașă, dar te-mbată!

Când presa (nu) aberează

Citatul episodului
Stiinta este in mult mai mare masura un mod de gandire decat un ansamblu de cunostinte – Carl Sagan

durată: 01:21:16

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Ovatko uskomuslääkkeet tulossa apteekkien hyllyille? Apteekkariliitto vastaa.

Apteekkariliiton farmaseuttinen johtaja Sirpa Peura korjaa harhaanjohtavaa uutisointia homeopatian ja muiden uskomuslääkkeiden nykytilanteesta ja tulevaisuudesta apteekeissa.

0:51 Ovatko homeopaattiset valmisteet yleistymässä apteekeissa?
1:47 Mikä on Apteekkariliiton kanta homeopatian toimivuuteen?
2:09 Kuuluvatko uskomuslääkkeet apteekkien hyllyille?
3:02 Kuka vastaa apteekkien tuotevalikoimasta?

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Dr Stephen Law on Young Earth Creationism

"But it Fits!" (looking at Young Earth Creationism) - Dr. Stephen Law (Heythrop College University of London) speaking at the Centre for Inquiry UK event on science and pseudoscience at Conway Hall, London. Filmed by Jon Bagge.

Duration: 49:45

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Jennifer Cross- Decoding Fight Science

Demystifying and Deconstruction the Woo in the World of Martial Arts

Do you want to learn how to project your chi into an energy ball that will send your greatest rival flying? Not here. Much of the “woo” that surrounds martial arts can be explained using basic, applicable scientific explanations and critical assessments. Observation, data gathering, analysis and re-testing are essential to all aspects of martial arts from basic moves to breaking solid objects.

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TAM 2013 Interviews: №8 - Dan Ariely

This installment with Dan Ariely entitled Dishonesty, Rationalization and Consequence. A very interesting take on the idea of cheating on many levels.

Check out his TAM presentation here:

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