Lets talk about sex… and ethics! With Sally Le Page

This week Myles and James are joined by the wonderful Sally Le Page to talk about Sex and ethics where humanity comes into play with Science!

Presented by Myles Power and James Gurney.

Guest appearance from Sally Le Page

Duration: 01:07:05

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BUTT STUFF! (QnA with DaveyWavey)

In this video, Laci Green and DaveyWavey answer viewer questions about anal sex.

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you babes sent me tons of questions about anal sex.  on today’s sex+, let’s talk about BUTT STUFF!  we’ll answer all your q’s like:

✔ what to expect
✔ how to keep it pain-free
✔ the cleanliness issue
✔ butt queefs

(New Sex+: BUTT STUFF! QnA with DaveyWavey)

What Kids Think Sex Is

Cristen and Akilah Hughes from “It’s Akiliah, Obviously!” talk about what they thought sex was when they were kids and how “the birds and the bees” makes no sense.

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Juicy Secrets with Joey Graceffa!

This episode of Sex+ feature’s the well-known daily vlogger and model, Joey Graceffa. Together Laci and Joey go through a series of questions about love, sex, and relationships.

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NEW VID!  YouTube darling Joey Graceffa joins me to spill some juicy secrets about….alla them sexy things ;P 

Why The World Needs Porn Studies

Pornography has dominated the web ever since the Internet was created. Some sites receive more traffic than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined! Laci is here to discuss all the reasons why we need a scholarly journal reporting on porn studies.

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Virginity and Sexual Activity Myths

I discuss myths about virginity and being sexually active.

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Okay here’s the video on virginity and sexual activity myths.

Now excuse me while I go hide because I’m a horrible speaker and making videos are so embarrassing.

Faking Orgasm…

In this week’s episode of Sex+, Laci Green casually discusses fake orgasms. She begins with a story of her own experience, why she faked orgasm so often, and how it turned into a destructive sexual habit. In the second half of this video, she discusses her observations of this widespread phenomenon and offers a word of advice to those who may be faking orgasm or those who have partners that they suspect are faking it.

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new video babes!  i went to the woods to confess to one of my biggest sexual secrets: i used to fake orgasm.  FOR 6 FREAKING YEARS.  let’s talk about:

✔ faking orgasm
✔ why people do it
✔ why you probably shouldn’t



In this video, Laci Green offers a basic overview to sexual consent: how to properly ask for consent, as well as what consent does and does not sound like. In the second half of the video, she discusses a few circumstances in which consent cannot be obtained (when the person is drunk, underage, or when you’re an authority figure). She concludes on the thought that cultivating a culture where good consent is the norm is one of the most powerful ways to prevent sexual assault, and we all have to be a part of it.

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my guide to sexual consent is uppity up!  let’s talk about:

✔ why consent is rly rly hella important
✔ how to ask for consent
✔ what consent looks like
✔ consent when you’re drunk


Sex With Disabilities?

Laci Green and student disability activist Olivia delve into the world of disability and sexuality. We begin by talking about Olivia’s disabilities, ableist language, and stereotypes about people with disabilities (pwd). In the second section, Olivia’s successes and challenges with dating are discussed. In the third section, Laci and Olivia discuss various disabilities and how they are accommodated during sex with the help of things like medication, wedges, attendants, and even a wheelchair itself.

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new vid is up ~ SEX WITH DISABILITIES?  my lovely friend olivia joins me to talk about her experiences with sexuality and disabilities!  tons of info, including:

✔ Stereotypes about people with disabilities
✔ Her successes and challenges with dating
✔ How to accommodate various disabilities during sex


List of questions and time….thingy:
0:11 How do you work around it if both parties are wheelchair bound?
0:48 Can you climax the same way?
1:11 How does a person without a disability approach somebody with a disability that they’re interested in?
1:20 To people with disabilities who haven’t had their sexual debut, do you have any advice?
1:46 What’s your opinion on government subsidies for sex workers for pwd?
2:24 Being disabled myself, I often have feelings of low self esteem. How do I get over that and approach a love interest?
3:22 Have you ever found it difficult to attract someone, even if they’re comfortable with your disability?
3:53 Can pwd who have no sensation in their genitals still enjoy sexual activities? If so, how?
4:31 What’s the best way to bring up sex activities/limitations with someone who is disabled that you’re interested in?
5:11 Is masturbation difficult for a pwd at all, just out of curiosity?
5:35 Advice for dealing with able-bodied people who refuse to believe pwd have sex?
6:10 Why does everyone think that pwd aren’t sexual beings?
6:53 How to deal with bullying comments about you & your disabled partner’s sex life?
7:21 Does having a disability make it more difficult to get educated about sex? What was your sex ed like?
7:58 What might be construed as a disability?

Sex Bytes 4 - Male Rank and Masturbation

Sure, we all engage in a little self satisfaction now and then. It’s perfectly natural, and there are many biologically relevant hypotheses to explain it. Recent work on Rhesus macaques has revealed that male RANK has a lot to do with incidence of masturbation - but there’s a wacky (pun intended) twist on the story that you won’t believe!!

This episode based on:
“Effect of Mating Activity and Dominance Rank on Male Masturbation Among Free-Ranging Male Rhesus Macaques”
by: Constance Dubuc, Sean P. Coyne & Dario Maestripieri
Ethology 119 (2013) 1006—1013
DOI: doi: 10.1111/eth.12146

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Sex Bytes 103 Supersized Sex Cannibals

The ‘Aggressive Spillover’ hypothesis describes the behaviour of super-aggressive females. Not only do they attack and kill prey species, they attack and kill potential suitors even BEFORE they’ve mated with them! What is going on here? What could be the evolutionary explanation for these SuperSized Sex Cannibals?

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Ask Lindsey №9: Humor, First Times, and Spitting

In which Lindsey answers some questions.

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