The Historic Vision and Legacy of Arturo Schomburg

Join the Smithsonian Latino Center and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture for a public program honoring the legacy of the Puerto Rican-born, New York-based bibliophile and intellectual Arturo Schomburg (1874-1938). This program will feature presentations by Fredericka Liggins (Hunter College), Adalaine Holton (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey), and Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Columbia University), followed by an onstage discussion and Q&A moderated by Khalil Muhammad, Director of the Schomburg Center.

Duration: 01:40:43

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Virtual Skeptics №84 - April 16

This week on the Virtual Skeptics
Bob is nothing if not persistent;
Eve used up all her Mrs. Jesus jokes on Twitter;
and Tim is poking around in the Wikipedia logs again.

Duration: 1:15:51

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Debunking the AIDS Denialist Movie House of Numbers - Part 6 - HIV

James from the History of Infection talks about HIV replication and the evidence we have for its existence.


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Faking Orgasm…

In this week’s episode of Sex+, Laci Green casually discusses fake orgasms. She begins with a story of her own experience, why she faked orgasm so often, and how it turned into a destructive sexual habit. In the second half of this video, she discusses her observations of this widespread phenomenon and offers a word of advice to those who may be faking orgasm or those who have partners that they suspect are faking it.

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new video babes!  i went to the woods to confess to one of my biggest sexual secrets: i used to fake orgasm.  FOR 6 FREAKING YEARS.  let’s talk about:

✔ faking orgasm
✔ why people do it
✔ why you probably shouldn’t


A Week in Science- Chocolate Coated Science

Could chocolate be good for your health? We look at why our favourite sweet treat may be good for us, in moderation of course!

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Eyes on the Sky: April 21 thru April 27

See the galaxies Messier 65 and Messier 66 in Leo the Lion. Dave takes the observer step by step through how to locate these galaxies in most any telescope (darker skies will help though!). Also, the mythology of Leo is humorously shared through the occasional “Astronomy Theater” feature. See what’s up in the night sky every week with “Eyes on the Sky” videos, astronomy made easy.

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The Milk-Industrial Complex

Readers of Aaron’s blog know of his beef with the milk industrial complex. Why does milk, of all beverages, get a pass in our efforts to reduce everyone’s caloric intake? Why is it encouraged, when all others are shunned? Is it because you need the calcium? Is it because it makes your bones stronger? Watch, and learn why the milk emperor has no clothes.

References can be found here:

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How to Beat Jet Lag

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NEW VIDEO!! Want to beat jet lag quickly? There’s an app for that! I chat with researcher & app developer Olivia Walch from University of Michigan.


Science Friction №24 - Command Your Own Undersea Army

The creatures of the ocean could be yours to command, just like Aquaman. Find out what the U.S. Navy and Ukraine are able to train dolphins, sea lions and whales to do. And find out what the military has planned for Sharks! Links to sources.

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Computers beat brainpower when it comes to counting stars

A team of University of Sydney astronomers has developed a new way to automatically classify huge numbers of astronomical objects, and to discover new, exotic ones almost as soon as they happen.

Massive torrents of raw data are now collected by telescopes on a daily basis creating an urgent need to massively accelerate the reliable classification of millions of stars and galaxies, and to quickly highlight objects that might be new discoveries or that have unusual properties.

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Snack Time with Jabba the African Pixie Frog

Jabba is an african pixie frog. They are one of the largest frog species in the world, second only the goliath frog! These guys are fantastic eaters, snacking on anything that they can fit in their mouth. They are ambush predators and snatch up anything that comes near.

Once the prey is inside their mouth, they use their enormous eyes to push the meal down their throat. Yes, they swallow with their eyeballs.

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Crystal Dilworth: Shoes

Crystal Dilworth encourages old, white male scientists to wear high heels.

Crystal Dilworth recently completed her Ph.D. in Molecular Neuroscience at Cal Tech. Her research has focused on the molecular basis for nicotine dependence. An accomplished life-long dancer, Crystal now choreographs Cal Tech’s musical productions. That’s right, she teaches other scientists to dance… and they’re good!

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Vaccines Do NOT Cause Autism! What Does?

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory! Even if you don’t believe one, it can still be interesting to learn about. However, sometimes it can lead to some harmful misinformation. Join Trace as he talks about conspiracy theories in the medical world and why they can be harmful for adults and children.

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Why Smart People Are More Trusting

Trust is a vital part of everyday life. If you can’t trust anyone, than your life can be lonely. But, if you trust too many people, it’s easy to be betrayed or let down. Laci hangs out to discuss the surprising link between one’s level of intelligence and their willingness to trust others.

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Wolverine In Real Life

This little mouse has super healing powers just like wolverine from X-Men! Well, kinda…

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