Freefall Camera Progress Report

Latest from the guys building a robotic freefall camera to film skydivers. Filmed and edited by James Hennessy.

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Featuring Tom Shorten, Tom Dryden, Peter Storey and David Alatorre. This is a student project at the University of Nottingham.

Test Tube is a project for the University of Nottingham.
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Tyler: Robophobia

Tyler breaks down why some of us fear robots and display characteristics of ‘Robophilia’. But is it a very worthy or rational fear? That’s the question, on Thought Café Today!

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Termite robots build castles with no human help

A swarm of self-organsing robots can cooperate to build structures, making decisions based on their environment with no human control.

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Termite-Inspired Robots Can Build Unsupervised

Termites building a mound don’t need central guidance, or even to communicate directly. Researchers at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have built robots that work with similar autonomy, as Dr. Justin Werfel explains.

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Robot Pets of the Future

Could you ever love a robot pet the same way you love your dog? Our need for pet companionship isn’t going anywhere, so in the future a robot pet would seem very likely. Robotic animals could reduce stress levels, provide GPS navigation, and even administer personal defense! Jonathan explores the advantages of robot pets and some exciting examples that are already available.

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Monkey’s Mind Controls Body of Avatar

Monkeys can control other monkey’s minds! Well sort of…Researchers have allowed Rhesus monkeys to control a virtual monkey, using only their minds. Could this lead to a future solution for paraplegics?

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Science on the Web- Why the Jade Rabbit Lunar Lander Made You Cry

When China’s Jade Rabbit lunar lander shut down unexpectedly, it was no huge surprise. You expect such things from complex gadgetry in a hostile, off-world environment. But, we didn’t expect Jade Rabbit to make us cry. Why are we so emotional over this?

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Could You Fall in Love With a Robot?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is all around us. In the future, will humans and robots fall in love with each other and develop romantic relationships? It’s a popular theme in science fiction, but some experts believe this could become a reality within our lifetime. Why are human-robot relationships so inevitable, and what are the consequences? What kind of gift would you get a robot on Valentine’s Day?

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Robocop: Is Tech the Future of Policing?

The 2014 Robocop remake imagines a future where a half-human half-robot cyborg polices the streets of Detroit. We got a chance to sit down with the cast of the new movie to discuss what the future of robotics will look like, and why the idea of a robotic-human hybrid is so compelling.

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Collaborative Robot Learns Environment As It Helps Out

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working on a Collaborative Robot (‘CoBot’ for short) that learns its environment while providing assistance to people so that it can help autonomously instead of following a preprogramed path.

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Drone with legs can perch on a branch

A drone with kestrel-like legs can swoop and perch on a telephone wire or fence where it will then rest, spying on passers-by.

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Snake Robots Up Close & Personal

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University created a robotic snake that can crawl, climb, swim and scale flights of stairs. These versatile robots, which are designed for reaching human inaccessible areas, could be valuable tools for disaster relief.

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DARPA Robotics Challenge: Which Robot Won?

DARPA held its latest Robotics Challenge this weekend, bringing tegether some of the top robots in the world to see which fares best in disaster-related tasks. But it wasn’t just about the challeges; the DRC was equally a showcase of the future - and the current reality - of robot development. So which team came out on top? The answer may surprise you. Or not.

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Mars Rover Turns 10, Keeps Going

The Mars rover Opportunity landed on Jan. 25, 2004, and is still exploring. Nobody in 2004 predicted that it might still be roving the planet a decade later.

Source: NASA

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Slo Mo №44 Incredible Flying Robot Animals

Sam and Si catch up with Dr Henry Frontzek to talk us through his incredible flying robots created at Festo, in Germany.

Incredible Flying Robot Bird

After filming various birds in flight using their super slow -motion cameras, Sam and Si head to Germany to film the incredibly realistic Smart Bird. A flying robot that mimics the real thing.

Incredible Flying Robot Dragonfly

The boys travelled to Germany to capture stunning footage of the free-flying dragonfly robots, or BionicOpters, at the engineers playground - Festo.

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