Learning Space №52: Project MERCCURI

This week, we talk to members of Project MERCCURI. It is all microbes, citizen science, and space!

Project MERCCURI on scistarter: http://www.scistarter.com/ISS
Project MERCCURI home page: http://spacemicrobes.org/

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Five Second Rule Debunked!

Does anyone really think there’s something magical about five seconds when it comes to food and the floor? There’s a press release out this week (I still can’t find the study) that claims that the five second rule is “real”. It isn’t. If bacteria are going to transfer, they do it fast. Plus, there is no evidence at all that actual health is affected by the time food sits on the floor. Watch Aaron recoil at both bologna and the mangling of science in this week’s episode.

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Baby assassin bug lures deadly ants with a wave

The nymphs of feather-legged assassin bugs are the only predators known that encourage their prey to physically attack them first.

Full story: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25240#.U00BrlcU9xM

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Bite Sci-zed - Blue Eggs?!

Why are blue eggs blue, and what does a retrovirus do?

Original Paper Here:

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Can You Have A Brain Orgasm?

There’s a weird phenomenon here on YouTube called ASMR. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response creates a tingly and calming sensation, and no one knows why! Laci takes a look at a recent study to shed some light on the mystery behind these videos.

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Chimps Beat Humans at Video Games

A recent study has shown that certain chimpanzees can play a video as well as, or better than humans!

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Weirdest Animal Sex

Some animals have the weirdest mating rituals that include vomiting, biting the male’s penis off, and even dying right after fertilization!

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Why Do Whales Breach?

We take a look at why real whales breach. Surprisingly, it may be for the same reason we imitate it!

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The case of the vanishing honeybees

In the past decade, the US honeybee population has been decreasing at an alarming and unprecedented rate. While this is obviously bad news for honeypots everywhere, bees also help feed us in a bigger way — by pollinating our nation’s crops. Emma Bryce investigates potential causes for this widespread colony collapse disorder.

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-case-of-the-vanishing-honeybees-emma-bryce

Lesson by Emma Bryce, animation by Lillian Chan.

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Phases of Mitosis

Paul Andersen explains the importance of mitosis and details the major steps in the cell cycle. He explains the importance of Interphase, Prophase, Prometaphase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophases, and Cytokinesis.

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Pangolin poaching, lion-proof fences & weta wilding

Can ‘living walls’ save lions? What’s the most trafficked animal in the world? What did surfing pro Kelly Slater spot in the water recently? And just how creepy-looking are the wetapunga? All the answers in this week’s roundup of nature news from around the world.

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Elusive Baby Dwarf Octopuses Hatch in Captivity

We don’t know that much about young Caribbean Dwarf octopuses, due to their fragility (they frequently die in captivity) and their elusiveness.. Now, scientists’ knowledge of the cephalopods should get a shot in the arm, because 50 baby octopuses hatched in an aquarium…fully formed. Kim Horcher and Christina Ochoa (Scirens and Chaotic Awesome) discuss the unusual octopods.

Read more: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/octopus-chronicles/2014/03/31/elusive-dwarf-octopuses-hatch-in-captivity/

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5 Illegal Drugs With Medicinal Benefits

There are good reasons why certain drugs have been made illegal, but could some of these drugs have potential medicinal benefits? Cristen Conger from Stuff Mom Never Told You joins DNews to discuss how drugs like LSD and ecstasy might be able to help aid various mental and physical disorders.

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Why Are There No Snakes In Ireland?

Saint Patrick was actually the saint who banished all snakes from Ireland. There are no wild snakes in Ireland to this day!

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Cloning: What Everybody Needs To Know

Enjoy me explaining to you in detail all the information people should know about cloning! I made all the fancy animations too!

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