Why are some animals so ugly?

We reveal why some animals are considered ugly!

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X-ray movie shows how fly beats its wings

Peering inside a living blowfly during flight reveals the intricate muscle movement involved.

Full story: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25288#.U1WxY1cU9xM

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Science Friction №24 - Command Your Own Undersea Army

The creatures of the ocean could be yours to command, just like Aquaman. Find out what the U.S. Navy and Ukraine are able to train dolphins, sea lions and whales to do. And find out what the military has planned for Sharks! Links to sources.

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Snack Time with Jabba the African Pixie Frog

Jabba is an african pixie frog. They are one of the largest frog species in the world, second only the goliath frog! These guys are fantastic eaters, snacking on anything that they can fit in their mouth. They are ambush predators and snatch up anything that comes near.

Once the prey is inside their mouth, they use their enormous eyes to push the meal down their throat. Yes, they swallow with their eyeballs.

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Wolverine In Real Life

This little mouse has super healing powers just like wolverine from X-Men! Well, kinda…

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How Does A Dog Drink Water?

Dogs don’t have the same cheek muscles as humans so they can’t sip water like we do. Instead they scoop water with their tongues and make a huge mess in the process!

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Fin Patterns

Meet University of Chicago Professor and Field Museum Research Associate Dr. Mark Westneat, and watch as he amusingly re-enacts how the five types of fins work together to help fish balance their bodies in the water, swim fast, and maneuver accurately.

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Counting Eagle Chicks From The Sky

Mithcell Byrd, Captain Fuzzzo Shermer and Bryan Watts record the breeding success of eagles during a productivity flight by going from nest to nest and counting the young along the Rappahannock River.

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Rare turtle cruises over reef, snacks on a jelly

Hawksbill turtles might be critically endangered, but they’re thriving on this reef off Thailand’s coast. This youngster casually cruises through his underwater neighbourhood before finding a jellyfish snack. And when dinner is done, he becomes just a little infatuated with his reflection in the camera lens, forcing cameraman Stewart Whitfield to retreat.

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Top 3 Worst Animal Parents

Some animal parents are real jerks. They will pick their favorite offspring while the others are left to die and sometimes they even eat their young!

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Animals Thrive on Pristine Russian Island

Wrangel Island is one of Russia’s coldest, most remote areas of protected wilderness. Sheltered from human development, the island is home to an abundance of hardy Arctic animal species, from polar bears to foxes and snowy owls.

Explore Wrangel Island online in National Geographic magazine:

VIDEOGRAPHY: Sergey Gorshkov
PRODUCER: Spencer Millsap

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Baby assassin bug lures deadly ants with a wave

The nymphs of feather-legged assassin bugs are the only predators known that encourage their prey to physically attack them first.

Full story: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25240#.U00BrlcU9xM

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Bite Sci-zed - Blue Eggs?!

Why are blue eggs blue, and what does a retrovirus do?

Original Paper Here:

Sound effects used with a CC license, found at:

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Chimps Beat Humans at Video Games

A recent study has shown that certain chimpanzees can play a video as well as, or better than humans!

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Weirdest Animal Sex

Some animals have the weirdest mating rituals that include vomiting, biting the male’s penis off, and even dying right after fertilization!

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