Top 3 Worst Animal Parents

Some animal parents are real jerks. They will pick their favorite offspring while the others are left to die and sometimes they even eat their young!

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Animals Thrive on Pristine Russian Island

Wrangel Island is one of Russia’s coldest, most remote areas of protected wilderness. Sheltered from human development, the island is home to an abundance of hardy Arctic animal species, from polar bears to foxes and snowy owls.

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Baby assassin bug lures deadly ants with a wave

The nymphs of feather-legged assassin bugs are the only predators known that encourage their prey to physically attack them first.

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Bite Sci-zed - Blue Eggs?!

Why are blue eggs blue, and what does a retrovirus do?

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Chimps Beat Humans at Video Games

A recent study has shown that certain chimpanzees can play a video as well as, or better than humans!

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Weirdest Animal Sex

Some animals have the weirdest mating rituals that include vomiting, biting the male’s penis off, and even dying right after fertilization!

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Why Do Whales Breach?

We take a look at why real whales breach. Surprisingly, it may be for the same reason we imitate it!

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Elusive Baby Dwarf Octopuses Hatch in Captivity

We don’t know that much about young Caribbean Dwarf octopuses, due to their fragility (they frequently die in captivity) and their elusiveness.. Now, scientists’ knowledge of the cephalopods should get a shot in the arm, because 50 baby octopuses hatched in an aquarium…fully formed. Kim Horcher and Christina Ochoa (Scirens and Chaotic Awesome) discuss the unusual octopods.

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Why Are There No Snakes In Ireland?

Saint Patrick was actually the saint who banished all snakes from Ireland. There are no wild snakes in Ireland to this day!

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Do Animals Like Music?

Listening to music is a great way to relax and unwind, or stay focused at work and school. In fact, certain animals enjoy listening to music too. Trace discusses why animals like music, and also how listening to a certain genre might just cause cows to produce more milk!

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3 Weird Frog Discoveries!

Frogs can vary in size, shape, and color. These fascinating creatures are also extremely important to the biosphere of our planet! From birthing offspring in their stomach to finding a frog smaller than a dime, join Trace as he discusses three recent weird frog discoveries!

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The Science of Dancing Animals

Yes, really. You’ve seen animals swaying and rocking to music in online videos, but can they truly dance on their own to different kinds of music? This means no human intervention, training, or mimicry- the rhythmic moving must be autonomous. The list gets narrowed down by a lot, but experiments showed that 2 species seem to be able to dance. Why? What purpose does dancing even actually serve? Kim Horcher and Christina Ochoa (Scirens and Chaotic Awesome) discuss!

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Cat Bombs and Other Terrible Weapon Ideas

War is a very dark and awful time in this world. Sometimes though, it helps to sit back and laugh at some of the dumb weapons that were actually invented and used in warfare. Trace and Anthony break down a few of the weirdest weapons that have been created in the history of war.

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Take a Journey Inside The Mind of An Animal

Virginia Morell’s new book Animal Wise takes you on a journey inside the mind of all different kinds of animals. The research in the book shows that animals are conscious, have emotions, and can even plan for the future!

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Turtle surgery, octopus births & a monster croc

Good news: no more orangutan shows at Universal Studios. Bad news: Cincinatti Zoo has lost a rare Sumatran rhino. Add monster croc relocations, pioneering tumour treatments for turtles and a death-defying pigeon and that’s your roundup of the week’s nature news.

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