Popping Boba Balls - Cool Science Experiment

It’s a popular topping at your local frozen yogurt store… popping boba balls. But how to do make them? Our science guy, Steve Spangler, introduces us to a kind of food science that is sweeping trendy restaurants throughout the country.

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Sick Science! №192 Bed of Nails

You may have seen your favorite circus performers or magicians perform the classic Bed of Nails Trick… but what is the secret? Using a smaller version of the bed and a clear balloon, you can see the science behind the trick.

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Burning Money - Cool Science Experiment

Our science guy, Steve Spangler, says that he doesn’t have money to burn… that’s why he asked Mark Koebrich to bring $20 for today’s science experiment. Matches, money and safety glasses sound like a recipe for science fun.

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Dust Explosions - Cool Science Experiment!

Spangler Science takes a twist and turn today with young Scott Spangler combining a lesson in Colorado history with fire and explosions from his father. The only person who needs to be worried is… Mark Koebrich.

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Sick Science! - Colorful Coins

If you’ve ever needed to clean a coin like a nickel or a dime, you might have used vinegar. That’s a perfect combination, unless you forget to dry the vinegar off of the coin! With the Colorful Coins activity, you’ll see how there is more to a shiny nickel or dime that initially meets the eyes.

Find out what is happening here: http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/lab/experiments/colorful-coins

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Walking on Glass - Cool Science Experiment!

If you’ve ever accidentally stepped on a Lego with your bare foot, the pain is excruciating! Hopefully walking on glass will be more enjoyable for our eager science volunteers. Our science guy, Steve Spangler, reveals the ancient secret to walking on glass.

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Sick Science! - Growing and Shrinking Egg

We’ve found a method to take our famous Naked Egg experiment to a new level. By dropping your Naked Eggs into Karo corn syrup or water, you’ll witness eggs that have the strange ability to grow and shrink. It’s all an investigation into chemical reactions and permeability that is fun and engaging.

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Naked Soda Can Science - Cool Science Experiment!

You’ll never look at a can of soda in the same way after our science guy, Steve Spangler, shares a secret. He’s taking us into his table-top science lab to learn how to make a naked soda can.

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Cool Science Experiment- Leprechaun Traps

It’s a growing sensation with young scientists and engineers everywhere… trying to build a contraption that will snag a leprechaun. With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, our science guy, Steve Spangler, has been investigating this phenomenon and has three experts to share their secrets.

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