Why Do Fish Come In So Many Colors?

If you’re a fan of sushi, or and ocean enthusiast, you have probably noticed that fish come in just about every color! Why is this? Tara and Trace list out all factors that give a fish it’s colorful appearance.

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Why Schools Should Start Classes Later!

Most children hate waking up early for school, and school start times seem to be getting earlier and earlier. How is this affecting these kids? Tara takes a look at how starting school early could be severely hurting students’ academic performance!

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We Finally Know Why Chimpanzees Cooperate With Each Other!

Chimpanzees might seem primitive, but they actually share a lot in common with humans! Dr. Carin Bondar joins DNews to discuss how new research shows that chimpanzees willingly cooperate to complete tasks!

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What Were Ancient Sloths Like?

Sloths are adorable, and they’ve been around for thousands of years! What did ancient sloths look like? Tara breaks down some prehistoric sloths, and discusses why they’re so interesting!

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The One Reason We’re All Bad At Shopping!

Large purchases can often be very difficult to make. Is there a reason humans are so bad at shopping. Trace explains how your emotions could get in the way of your decisions.

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How Do Blind People Dream?

Dreams are generally visual, so what is the experience like for someone who doesn’t have a sense of sight? Laci dives into this interesting topic and examines how the blind dream!

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The Best Way to Convince Someone They’re Wrong

If you’ve ever been in an argument with someone, you might’ve found that it’s very difficult to convince them they’re wrong. Are there any ways to make it easier? Laci is joined by Dr. Carin Bondar to give you some helpful tips if you want to convince someone they’re wrong.

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Do Carbs Have Their Own Taste?

Carbs are delicious, and they give us a lot of energy. Do our tongues have a special receptor for tasting carbohydrates? Laci takes a look at a new study showing how our brain reacts when we eat carbs!

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Does Being Bilingual Make You Smarter?

Do you speak more than one language! Congrats, because studies show that being able to speak in multiple languages is linked to being smarter! We invited Alice Gillet, who is fluent in English and French, onto DNews to discuss why this is.

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DNews Interview With NASA’s Bobak Ferdowsi!

When Trace went to the World Science Festival a few weeks ago, he got the chance to interview Bobak Ferdowsi from NASA JPL to see what he’s working on, and what he enjoyed at the festival!

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The Science Of Stay-At-Home Dads!

In honor of Father’s Day, DNews thought it would be fun to take a look at some dad science! Trace is joined by the Associate Producer of DNews Chastity Vicencio to run down some of the most interesting new studies about fatherhood!

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The Mystery Of The Moon Is Finally Solved

For 55 years, scientists have not fully understood how the moon was formed, and why the far side and the near side look drastically different. Now, they believe they finally have solved this mystery, and Trace is here to tell you all about it.

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Why The Popular Kids Don’t Stay Cool

Some people in high school engage in risky behavior, such as drinking and smoking, in an attempt to be cool. Does this pay off long term? Join Tara as she reports on new research showing that being popular in high school might be bad in your adulthood!

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Are We Ready For Suspended Animation?

Suspended animation, or cryogenics, is a procedure where the body is drastically cooled down so that human life can be temporarily stopped. How does it work, are we ready for it, and what are the benefits of this procedure? Trace and Tara discusses how a new, approved study will allow for the testing of suspended animation on humans.

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How A Baby Can Have 3 Biological Parents

When a man and a woman have sex, it’s very possible that they can create a baby! This is nothing new, but is it possible for a baby to have three biological parents? Laci takes a look at how this is possible, and why it could actually result in healthier babies!

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